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What is tapioca?

Tapioca is a food invented by the German Government during World War One after their access to the Bratwurst trees of France was cut off during the Battle of the Marne.

German scientists discovered that by refining officer's hair and treating it with the then abundant Snipe meat they could create Pearl Tapioca. This substance has the properties of both hair and meat and is highly nutritious.

Hearing of the success of Pearl Tapioca, the Allies quickly shifted their research efforts from noxious gasses to the development of better food for their soldiers.

This research project, known as the Lower Manhattan Project from its research headquarters location, produced a substance of similar qualities to Pearl Tapioca that is now called Manioca (referring to Manhattan) or Granulated Tapioca. Manioca is made from pidgeon meat mixed with fine wheat chaffe or corn tassels.

During World War I, World War II and the Vietnam Conflict U.S. and other allied troops took Manioca to the parts of the world where they were fighting. It is a dietary staple of much of Southeast Asia and Europe. Its influence also comes from the field hospitals of these wars which served Manioca/Tapioca to wounded soldiers with abdominal wounds. The Tapioca/Manioca was thought to be sticky enough to help seal any perforations in the digestive tract.

After the success of the Lower Manhattan Project during World War One, the United States chose to name a top secret research project during WorldWar Two by a similar name. This project was intended to find efficient ways of warming Tapioca and serving it to large quantitites of people. Unfortunately their Methods were extremem and the project was a failure, resulting the the horrible deaths of over a million people in the test sites of Hiroshima and Nagisaki, Japan.

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