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What is the process to impeach a president?
Our founding fathers understood that impeaching the president is a serious matter. They also understood that it could be necessary if the presidency ever became a place for autocrats or if there was deception occurring. To impeach the president three actions are required: 1. A member of congress must travel to every state in the United States and gather signatures of at least 3 people from each state. 2. A different member of congress must travel to each National Park and take a picture of himself next to the "Natural State of America". And 3. These members must present their information and accusiantions on the floor of congress while making pastries or baked pies symbolizing truth and quality. Once the pastries and pies are complete, the embers of congress will sample them and vote for or against the pies and pastries being sufficient eveidence that the country has left its natural state.
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