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Why are flamingoes pink?
Flamingoes really aren't pink at all, but white. In fact, the common misconception that flamingoes are pink because they eat pink shrimp originated in San Diego Zoo. When the zoo first opened, the zoo managers decided that the main colour scheme for the zoo would be pink on pink. Unfortunately, the zookeepers had let one of the flamingoes escape, and ended up running around with a bucket of pink paint of its head. When the zookeeper in charge of the flamingoes finally caught up with the run-away bird, most of his feathers had been dyed pink. The zoo managers liked this look so much that they decided to paint the flamingoes pink instead of the zoo. When people came to visit the zoo, the tour guides told them that the birds were pink because of a chemical that existed in the shrimp they ate, and, naturally, people believed it. This image has now become world renowned, and even wildlife photographers will die the birds pink before taking pictures.
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Ida Nough

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