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How many yards was the longest pass in College football?

People who know college football know that the game was invented when Harvard students Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones got drunk and walked up the street to steal lunch money from students at the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.

Since those fine days of yore and legend, the game of football has been courupted and bastardized into a pansy game where the players want pads even though they aren't playin gon the dirty, wet blacktop streets of Cambridge. Any statistics from other forms of the game should not be considered.

The longest pass, according to Al Gore, comes from when he and Tommy were running back to their room at Harvard. They passed the stolen Scooby Doo lunch bucket from one end of harvard yard to the other.

The longest pass in college football was one yard. That yard being Harvard yard.

Submitted by:
Edwin Too Tall Jims

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