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Where can I find good car prices?
Those shopping for attractive car prices should first determine what aspect of the price is most important. For some, it's the dollar sign. Others prefer a well-placed decimal point. But the vast majority of car price shoppers are searching for an harmonious sequence of digits, something that would look nice in the den.

5's are the preferred single digit, with 3's and 9's not far behind. Many people consider 4's and 7's to be harsh, but serve well as dividers.

Have fun with it! Start with a strong dollar sign in a pleasing serif font, then follow with a "hey-look-at-me" series of bold, rounded digits. Try a cluster of mid-range favourites, 5's, 6's and 7's, perhaps a comma, then an attention-getting 8 to pull it all together. Throw in a dot, just for fun!

My personal favourite is a solid string of three no-nonsense 9's ... they simply scream Confidence! ... followed by a comma, then a wild, unpredictable mix of prime numbers. A 7! Then a 3! And what about a 2, for even-number fans?

There's no end to good deals on car prices. Look for lovely, neglected prices at garage sales and swap meets.

[ed. note: Excuse the spelling of favourite, the author is a Canadian.]

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Fontella Poon

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