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What is the origin of the Teddy Bear? or Who invented the Teddy Bear?
The Teddy Bear started in Pre-historic pagan rituals.

In ancient Celtic Rituals, it was believed Teddy Bears were live creatures that held strong mystic powers. During magical nights, when dreams were abundant and their owners had crossed over to a world of simplicity where their subconscious dominated their thoughts, Teddy bears were guardians betweens the gates of reality and intuition.

Their powers were such, that they contained predominant imageries in Druid altars. Teddy Bears symbolized knowledge, nature, truth, friendship and bonds that transcended geographical locations or state highways.

The Triad is a convention of Celtic poetry, and as it is through poetry that much Druidic wisdom is communicated, it is important to examine the presence and relevance of Teddy Bears in their magic poetry. Teddy Bears in ancient poetry exemplify the truth in the hearts, the strength in unity and fulfillment in lives.

Written records indicate it was believed Teddy Bears provided as gifts created a bond between the giver and the receiver. There are different Teddy Bears, each holding different powers within however, the most common one is the friendship Bear. This bear is the key to self-awareness of grouping and unity. It means, no matter what life may bring to the receiver, he can be assured he won't walk alone in this life. He's got friends with him that will support him no matter what life brings.

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