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Where can I find an online dictionary?

Online dictionaries are hard to find, and they all give different answers to what words mean. The best bet to find the definition of a word is to type it into a search engine and then use context clues to figure out the meaning.

Typing "acidopholis" on Google gave us the following results:
VegSource Homeschool & swap resource - Acidopholis and Mega Acidopholis
Herbs and Supplements Supplied by Nutravite - Natural
Great Dane Rescue of Ohio - Blue
Leaky Gut Syndrome
Canker Sore Relief Center Bulletin Boards
From these results it is clear to see what acidopholis means and that no dictionary is necessary.

That the word acidopholis is a subject studied by dogs when they are home schooled. Acidopholis may also be a cause of canker sores and bed wetting.

Alternatively, acidopholis could also be what is used by home schooler too cheap to buy a dictionary or books and trying to substitute what is found on the web for real learning.

Submitted by:
Miriam Webster

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