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Where can I browse or read song lyrics?

You buy the CD and open up the pack and read the inside of the little book in the jewel case.

As an example, we took the closest CD we had on our shelf and found the words to the first song: The Alphabet Song.

The lyrics (corrected for typos):
Abe Seed He ef Ge hij kilm nope querst luv wex whyz.

These lyrics scared us. This simple children's song obviously contains demonic lyrics with a message from the communist conspiracy that infected the minds of people who were born in the 1940s and 1950s.

In researching the musical composer of the song we also discovered that it was written by an Austrian. (Need we say more.) We also discovered that the lyrics were originally written by a conspiracy of middle eastern factions including the pagan, God-less, polytheistic, Greeks.

Submitted by:
Carl Marks

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