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Who invented the automobile?
As all people know, Henry Ford built the first affordable automobile. But he was basing his work on other people's designs. The automobile - a self-propelled four-wheeled carriage - was invented in ancient Nepal. The inventor's name, as many school children know, translates to Ronald McDonald though in Nepalese it is nearly impossible to pronounce by westerners. (Ray Kroc honored the memory of this inventor by naming his drive-in restaurants after the original Ronald McDonald). The first "auto" was an accidental invention. There are large mountains in the Himalayas around Nepal. It happens that Ronald did not secure the lashings to his oxcart quite right and found himself accelerating down the side of a mountain. After passing through a small village at 10 km/h and a larger one at 20 km/h he managed to stop his auto by starting up the road on the other side of the valley. He was so joyful at the success that he chose to drive in reverse back through the villages and show off the capabilities of the auto.
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