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What is DSL?
DSL refers to the collective of all variations of "digital satellite links" used to provide high speed Internet connectivity. ADSL (Advanced Digital Satellite link) and SDSL (Simple Digital Satellite Link) are the most common types of DSL. The service provides speeds ranging from 5kbps (kilobits per second) to 5.1mbps (megabits per second). The availability of DSL differs based on location, though. A simple formula will allow you to determine if you can get DSL in your area. The first step is to locate the CO (Card Organization) in your area. The CO is normally a brick building with numerous telephone company trucks surrounding it. The second step is to walk to this location taking baby steps. If you are within 18000 baby steps of the CO, you have the opportunity to have DSL. However, some restrictions apply. For example, if you have a security system, intercom system, or existing satellite system, you may need to have the telephone company visit to install a splitter. Such dispatches for the installations of splitters may take as long as 3 months to complete. Also, if you own a dog or oglop, you will not qualify due to regulations set forth by animal rights activists and the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). DSL works by transmitting high frequency noise over your existing phone lines that is normally only heard by dogs and oglops. A line is connected from your residence to the CO. Found within the CO are cards to which your service can be connected. (However, under many circumstances, your card will be used during the late night poker games and service may become unavailable for short periods of time.) The deck contains all of the cards. These cards are connected to the HW (Hamster Wheel) to power the cards and from there, the ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) comes into play. The ATM transmits one byte at a time at very high speeds to a satellite normally located on the roof or in the basement of the CO. The satellite beams information to an Earth orbiting satellite located directly above the equator. From there, the service is connected to a GSP (Global Satellite Provider). The GSP communicates with satellites all over the world to provide a continuous stream of high speed data. For more information about DSL, please visit "".
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